Strong Fathers = Strong Families

Dad and Kid math night took place at L.C. Smith Elementary on January 11th, 201. This is an event where dads and kids play math games with either cards and dice or with Double nine dominoes. Facilitator leads dads and kids through the various games by giving instructions on the games, encouraging participants to learn new ways to learn and instructing the fathers on the best way to help their children learn as they play the various games. We thank all the parents who joined their children and Mr. Hall for this great learning opportunity. 

Dad and Kid science night took place at Pittman on Jan. 10, 2017.  An event where dads and kids build various contraptions while learning science concepts. Facilitator leads dads and kids through the various projects as parents and kids work together to get various contraptions that move or do something.

Bring your Dad to school day took place at Myra Green Middle School on January 10, 2017.  It is an event that gets fathers into the classroom and allows them to see what their children do everyday in a public school. Dads eat breakfast with kids, visit the classroom for about 45 minutes, and then talk about what they observed, why they observed it, and how they can help their children. Fathers also engage in an icebreaker activity and provide personal information to the teacher for future follow-up.

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