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Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Breakfast ... Make it a Priority!

Higher Test Scores - Research has proven that children who eat breakfast have higher math and reading scores.

Improved Attendance - Studies show that students who eat breakfast are absent and tardy less often.


Improved Classroom Behavior. Students are better able to pay attention in class when they have eaten. Principals confirm that they see fewer discipline problems when students have eaten breakfast.

More Time on Learning. When students have eaten, they are better able to concentrate and behave in the classroom. This allows teachers to spend more time on teaching and less time on discipline.

TPSNP has been repelled which means there are no longer any FMNV days. There will be no designation on the district calendars that states the three exempt days because they (exempt days) no longer exist.

The schools can have fundraisers as long as the food and beverages they offer meet the general and specific nutrient standards proposed in the smart snack standards. If the food items do meet those standards, then those food items can be sold after the official school day ends. Which is 30 minutes after the last school  bell rings.  Also, the smart snack rule applies only to foods that are sold.

This is the link to the smart snack calculator which has turned out to be a great tool to evaluate different food products. I have already found it pretty helpful.

The a la carte pricing is not part of the smart snack rule. The guidance as to why the meals are priced by unit for a la carte items is provided below from section 15.9 from the ARM:

Pricing for A LA CARTE Items: a la carte pricing should be structured so that the charged price meets the following requirements:

  1. Covers the cost of producing the menu items-food, cost, labor, and or indirect costs.
  2. Does not create an incentive for students to choose a la carte items because the price is less than a reimbursable meal.

To prevent creating an incentive to purchase an a la carte meal, the unit price for a reimbursable meal should be priced lower than the total of the a la carte prices for the same items.

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