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  • Teacher and Staff training to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including how to use PPE properly.  During the first week of instruction, students will be taught proper handwashing, mask-wearing, and physical distancing procedures. 
  1. CDC

  2. Hand sanitizing

  3. Handwashing

  4. Handwashing flyer

  5. Use of mas to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  6. Special Considerations for Infection Control During COVID-19: School teachers and staff should be trained specifically on the protocols outlined in this document and the practices adopted by their school system. Additionally, while not developed with this exact guidance in mind, Texas Agri-Life Extension offers a free online course on Special Considerations for Infection Control During COVID-19 (2hrs). This course is intended for frontline childcare workers, but the principles of the course apply equally to those working in school settings. (Must turn in certificate to your principal at the end of the day today).